Featured resources:

  • Flower Bulb Research Newsletter – Nearly 50 newsletters have a wealth of practical information and research results on topics ranging from diseases to PGRs to management in the landscape for wide variety of flower bulbs. View subject index to articles from 2003 to present.
  • Pickle your paperwhites – How to use alcohol to keep forced bulbs short.
  • 50 years of flowerbulb research in North America –  Anthos, the Dutch flower bulb exporters association, published this commemorative book to trace 50 years of research from the  the earliest days at Michigan State University to the present at Cornell.
  • iBulb – Foundation focuses on funding activities important to the Dutch flower bulb sector: promotion, technical research and market access.
  • Annual Flower Trials – Conducted yearly at Cornell Botanic Gardens. Note: Our 2020 Floriculture Field Day has been canceled. But our flower and foliage plant trials will continue. Check out our Cornell Annual Trials Program for updates.

Featured videos:

Watch how much longer flowers last when customers buy them before the flowers are open:

Learn more about using mechanical bulb planter for easy establishment of naturalized bulb plantings.