Cornell’s Flower Bulb Research Program conducts research on floricultural crop production and postharvest physiology with a primary focus on flower bulbs.

Greenhouse bulb forcing research topics include:

  • Height control
  • Ethylene effects on plants
  • Interactions of specific plant pathogens
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Physiological disorders

Since ca. 2010, we have been looking at ways to regulate plant growth through root-zone ethylene applications. Since ca. 2013, we have been conducting preliminary research assessing the impacts of peat moss and horticultural substrates on greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 emission) and how this might be related to climate change.

We are also heavily involved in outdoor trialing and evaluation of annuals and perennials in Ithaca’s USDA Hardiness Zone 5 climate.

Findings from our research have been adopted by many in the floriculture industry worldwide. Our research and extension efforts in flower bulb forcing and use are substantially supported by the Dutch flower bulb export industry as well as U.S. companies and foundations.